Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toy Design

What is Sketchup..? Sketchup is a designing programme where you create lots of stuff. It is a 3D design tool. If you need to draw something 3D all you need to do is go on Sketchup. Sketchup is fun and creative.

Lots of people around the world use Sketchup. Especially teachers, students, designers and perhaps anyone in the world. Teachers might use it for making something for their class. Students might use it for a project at school. Designers…….well that’s pretty easy! Designers might use it for creating something, like a car or a robot. And you might just use it for fun!

In Sketchup there are lots of tools. There are shapes, tool bar, rotating tool, eraser, selector, shift pad and more. All those features are very helpful. When you first start it will be very hard. There will be tools at the top and it will be so confusing because you don't know which tool is which. But I know that in the end you will figure them out.

In our class our task was to make a 3D toy for the Junior classes. We are making it on Sketchup. Our class had to keep the Junior class entertained if they are bored. So we have been working everyday to make toys for our juniors. They toy I have designed is a minion. Nearly all the kids I interviewed wanted it. So here is the picture of my minion that I have made on Sketchup.  

Sketchup is very special because you can create anything. It is very special because it is fun learning. And also it is fun because you can print it out as a 3D object. And right now I am making a minion in Sketchup. You should use Sketchup as well, it is fun and totally amazing. Go try it out!

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  1. Hello Jordenne,
    I really like your story about sketchup it is a really creative story about making a dominion also telling us about sketchup (It Sounds Really FUN!) well Keep Up the good writing and blogging Jordenne also I really like he way you used vocabulary and Capital letters in it. Keep It Up!