Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Test

Struggling on a really hard question, I started to panic. Sweat slid down through my face as I was trying to think what the answer was. “Uhhmm, what is the answer?” I whispered to myself. I was so confused.

This was a reading test. There were so many hard words that I couldn’t say and the stories were so long. I had to read it all over again to find the answer to the question. Reading, was really hard.

Since I didn’t know the answer, I started to guess. So I skipped to the other question. When I finished all my questions, there was 30 seconds left. As the time was running out, I started to go back to the question that I was stuck on.

I read the story with five paragraphs and BAM! I got the answer. I finally finished my work.
There was 10 seconds left. “TIMES UP!” Miss Garden shouted.
We logged out,  lined up and went back to class. I felt very good. “Wow! that was a cool test”.

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