Thursday, September 15, 2011

Black Out Day!

Filled with huge excitement I got dressed for school. Today at school we are celebrating the All blacks for their very first game for the rugby world cup.To support our country we wore black clothes.

Running down the footpath I saw my friend walking down the breez .Coins jingled in my pocket as I bounced about excitedly - I was going to buy a sausage for my lunch.

Arriving at school, I noticed that the teachers were wearing all black. Miss Tito and Miss Va’afusuaga even had a silver fern painted on their face. At assembly Mr Burt kept telling stories about the times when he was at the rugby games.I love the way he tells us stories.

In our classroom we painted some All Black players. We traced around a small person and then we decorated it with different colours. It was a lovely morning.

After morning tea , we all met up the courts to play some rugby games. The sun was shining above us and the sevens boys had set up some fun looking games. I was in team Russia and we played some games that involved kicking, tackling and tagging. Then the bell rang and it was time for lunchtime.

At lunchtime I ate my sausage under the shade of some trees - it felt like summertime.

I had such a great black out day and I really hope that the All Blacks can win tonight. My brother is supporting Tonga, but I don’t know if they can win.


  1. Hi jordenne cool black out day story I read it and the photo are really cool great work keep it up.

  2. Hey Jordenne (jojo) that was a good recount of black out day. I like the interesting vocab and . It was cool how you said ,it felt like it was summer .

    Great story keep up the good writing

    By Esrah

  3. wow! how exciting to have everyone all dressed in blach to support the all blacks! Here in Samoa we all wear blue to support the manusamoa. I hope Tonga wins cause they're a good team too! I hope you had fun on All Black day and that you enjoyed eating your sizzle sausage! love you jojo. Mum xxxx