Tuesday, November 13, 2012

High Jump-Athletics

“Wooh” I breathed slowly while trying to focus on the High Jump. Porscha and I were the last 2. I had first every year, so I had to come first again. I have to try hard!

The ten year old age group is really hard. Harder than the ones I had done when I was 8 and 9. The bar started really high.
Porscha had already made it over. She looked relaxed, and it looked like it  was too easy for her.

It was my turn to jump. Seeing Miss King videoing me, I felt like I was going to get distracted.
But no, it was alright. “Ready if you are Jordenne” Miss King called out.

Heaps of people were cheering for me. I took one step back and looked up. “Go” I whispered to myself. I ran as fast as I could and jumped over. I closed my eyes.

“Did I make it? I asked myself. “Try again” said Miss King. Quickly I walked back to the spot where I was. “Come on Jordenne I can do this” I said.

Running really fast, I jumped and I....Failed! Porscha was the winner and I was the second place. “You did good Jordenne” Asena said while putting her hands over me for a hug. “Thanks” I replied.

Porscha and I walked over to Miss Ouano. “Porscha made it over  1 metre 13 and Jordenne made it over 1 metre 10” Miss King said to Miss Ouano. “You guys did great” Miss Ouano said happily.

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  1. You did great bub! Im so proud of you coming 2nd and you did your best which is the main thing! Keep training and maybe next year you'll do better! You are such a talented sports girl and you'll do great in whatever sports you choose. We look forward to hearing what sport you're going to do next. Love you. Mum xxx