Friday, November 9, 2012

Scary Story

On a really snowy day, snowflakes fell peacefully from the sky. I was skipping along the narrow alleyway towards the village blackboard to write my name because today was my fifth birthday. Slowly I bent down and picked up the chalk, to write my name. A....L......M.....A.

I heard something really strange behind me, I turned around and saw a doll inside a shop.
That shop looked really creepy and old, I hadn’t ever seen anyone inside there before. I walked towards the window and saw the doll. It was really dark inside.

Rubbing my hands against the window, I wiped the frost away to get a closer look at the doll. To my surprise it looked just like me. Quickly I rubbed my eyes and looked back at the doll. It was gone! I saw a door to the shop, I ran towards it and tried to open it. But it was locked.

Angrily, I stepped back and folded my arms. I saw snow piles in front of the door, so I picked some up, made a snowball and chucked it at the door.  Stomping away, I suddenly heard something. I turned around and saw the door opened.

I ran towards the door and slowly I peeked inside, there were heaps of dolls. But I just cared about the one that looked like me. There I saw the doll. Stumbling my way towards it, I suddenly kicked a toy.

It was a boy riding on a bike. I picked it up and let it go, it started moving fast towards the door. That doll was trying to escape. As soon as he got to the door, it suddenly slammed in his face.
I stood back up and looked back to the doll. But it was gone again!

I looked around. The shelf, table and everywhere, but there was nothing. Slowly I looked back towards a high shelf and there it was. I jumped on a chair where I could climb up to reach the doll. Trying really hard to reach it, I didn’t notice that heaps of other dolls were looking at me, trying to warn me.

Slowly, inch by inch I tried to grab the doll. I touched the nose and suddenly. “SNAP”. I was inside the doll, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. I was breathing heavily.The only thing I could do was look around that shop!

I saw another doll popping up from the basement. It was the next girl....

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  1. you have great writing skills and imagination for writing stories! The way you write - its almost like its for real...but Im glad that its not cause it is a scary story! :-) I love to read your stories and how you have improved in your writing, spelling and creativity. Great work Jo. Mum xxx