Monday, November 26, 2012

The scary ugly looking monster.

In the dark forest with the moonlight shining from above, a little boy sat across the lake holding a stick and on the stick was a marshmallow. The little boy sat by the fire for warmth.

A scary creature crawled out of the lake, hunting for food. With his yellow eyes he saw a bright light and a little boy. The creature crept behind the trees, licking his lips for food. Its green tail slapped against the trees.

The scary creature walked behind the boy. As the little boy heard the tree move he turned around and saw the big, ugly creature. The little boy pointed his stick at the creature incase danger happens....


  1. SCARY! glad that stories not true! love the picture to go with your story bub....your stories are so creative...maybe you are going to be a writer for your job when you get older aea! Great work sweetheart. Love you. mum x

  2. Wow Jordenne!

    Really impressive it wowed me. I love your title its great. Your story actually made me scared. Rember to keep writing more!!!