Monday, August 8, 2011

Ma'a Nonu

Weaving in and out, the mean machine Ma’a Nonu went through the opposition line.
Down the field he ran away fast to dive through the try line. Slipping out of the tackle he barged through the opposition team and side stepped through them. He used his great skills to smash in and try to get the ball.
The charging bull Ma’a Nonu quickly passed the ball to his team mate. There were lots of players that had been tackled down, but there was one man who was still standing and he had the ball, his name -Ma’a Nonu. He ran through them to get a try. Horray! The All Blacks cheered.


  1. Hi Jordenne i like your blog you have a cool blog.

  2. I love the picture of Ma'a Nonu! It looks exactly like him. And what a good story of his try that he got. He's very talented. Your story writing is so good - and lots of information and details. Good girl. Mummy x