Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beep Test

“Woof”! I puffed. I was really tired on that beep test. It was so hard that I wanted a rest but I didn’t. Because as Miss King said If you are tired or thirsty just try you best. Then I did. I was soooo bored that I thought that It could really fun, then I found out it was boring. Miss Va’afusuaga was there because she came and help us how to do it. She said that the girls were first, then I ran up to the line to start. I was so nervous when I steped on the line. Miss Va’afusuaga pressed the button and it said it is starting in 5 seconds. Beep I jogged towards the line before the beep. Then it went on and on until the three last person which was me, Kashya and Iron. We were trying to get to the line first. The next minute Iron went out and me and Kashya were still in. Lot’s of people were cheering for us too. On 9.1 I went out. Then it was just Kashya. She was trying her best to stop, she was puffing and puffing until she stoped. Kashya went out on 10.5.

1 comment:

  1. wow jojo you did really well on the beep test. It just shows you need to be very fit and keep healthy - watch what you eat and play sport - like netball. I know you are doing very well in netball so that will help you keep fit. Make sure you exercise and help mama with the chores - which will keep you fit too!!! and exercise your fingers with your piano practise which you should be doing everyday like I told you to do. Keep up the excellent work jojo. luv u. mummy xo