Friday, August 26, 2011


Wow! As we went in the hall to play badminton I saw lots and lots of rackets and shuttles. Their was a lady in the hall waiting for us call Loreen.

First she told us to sensible get one racket each. I got my racket sat down. I was listening to her while I was going to sit down. Loreen first taught us how to serve. She told us to get a shuttle from that bin in the middle. It not really a bin to put rubbish, its where they put the shuttles. She told us if we get a shuttle we have to practice serving, and every time she says shuttle we sit down as fast as we can and do the other activity. We grabbed one shuttle each and practice serving. I tried to hit it but I kept on missing. “Shuttles, I heard a noise saying shuttle, I quickly sat down fold and listened to Loreen.


  1. Hey Jordenne In like your picture of you hitting a shuttle.I would of been cool if you had some writing with the picture.I went to the badminton lesson's .

    By Esarh

  2. Hi Jordenne,
    I love playing Badminton, it is awesome. I couldn't wait when I went to go into the hall and play a game of badminton. I love to hit the shuttle with the racket. It always makes great Pinging sounds. Nice Picture too!

    Nice Work!

  3. I like playing badminton too. cool picture jo - very colourful with lots of detail. Did you like playing badminton? Maybe its another sport you might want to play? Good girl. Mummy x