Monday, August 17, 2015

Google for Education Group

Hobsonville Point Primary School was where we went for an event that we attended to for Google for Education Groups New Zealand, also known for GEGNZ. There, the yr 7 & 8 extension displayed two presentations of ‘How to use Google Apps’ and ‘P.E.N.N (Point England News Network)’. Because of the distance between Pt England and Hobsonville Point, we had to be at school before 7:00am and leave at about 7:10am.

Many of the presentations that my group (Google Apps) attended to were interesting. There was Red Beach School, they (Joseph, Liam, Keenan and Kelvin the presenters) showed us a site of what they use at their school called Kahoot. Kahoot is where you create questions and can invite all your friends or classmates to answer them. That was Red Beach Schools presentation.

There was also Anji and Jasmine from Ormiston Primary who showed us how to use google apps, and Henderson Valley who displayed to us many of the sites that they use at their school. Such as Blendspace and Stormboard. Blendspace is a creative way of doing your work. You can add videos, images, and well obviously texts. It is similar to Google Drive but I think that Blendspace is more creative. Stormboard is where you can create an online brainstorm.

My highlight of the day was when we presented. It was really fun and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately only one school attended our session, but they seemed to enjoyed it with us. Lucy and I were the last one to present, because we had a movie showing them ‘How to use Green Screen on iMovie’. The first, second and the third presenters just showed them how to use some of the Google Apps. There was Jordan and Taimana showing them ‘How to create a Google Presentation’, Mary and Collin with Blogger and Google Docs, Eric and Ariana with Google Draw, Iisa and Zane with ‘How to use Hyperstudio and Google Sheets’ and lastly Lucy and I.

Having the opportunity to present at GEGNZ in Hobsinville Point was really fun! I enjoyed many of the presentations and I certainly and mostly loved presenting. Attending this event really was amazing. Seeing and creating things that I thought only professionals can create was even more amazing. Now I know a lot of sites where you can create MANY THINGS!!

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  1. Thank you Jordenne for posting this reflection about your experience at the Google Student Summit. Many of the presentations were really good and it was good to see what other students were doing at their school.