Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Extension Highlights

"Last year for extension" I sighed. Yr 7 and 8 Extension 2015 was a fun journey. I had a lot of fun learning new things every term. But I have to be honest, it was quite difficult. I have many highlights for the extension this year. But I have to main ones.

My first highlight was attending a session at the 'Te Oro' centre. It was very exciting going into a studio to record a song that we wrote our selves. That was actually my first time entering a one. Marcus and David taught us how to create some beats, using Garageband. We listened to some songs such as, Bruno Mars ‘Treasure’ and hearing the many beats in the music. Marcus brought out a whiteboard, so he could show us how we create a song.

My second highlight was working on our 'Bioengeneering' project. It was fun because Josephine and I had learnt a lot from it. First I had no clue what 'Bioengeneering' was, but then ever since we had worked on it, I have many facts and informations of what it is. Josephine and I had worked so hard to getting this presentation done that we thought we did very well.

Year 7 and 8 extension 2015 has been amazingly fun. I have learnt a lot from being in extension. I surely am going to miss having to go there every Monday and preparing to work on a new project. From what I learn this year I hope I take it and remember it for my journey in college. I just want to thank Mrs Lagitupu for being a lovely extension teacher as well as Mrs Tele'a who was also one too.


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