Monday, April 8, 2013

Getting ready for the Fiafia.

On the 18th of April Pt England is celebrating its 60th Anniversary, and our school is having a Fiafia night for it.
Everyone in Pt England is performing in front of everyone who comes. For our performances we have culture groups, rapping and singing and more. I am in the Samoan group. Mrs Tele’a and Timmy are our tutors.

They have been working so hard teaching us the dance moves. The Samoan group is trying their best to get everything completely right. We are doing a dance that represents our country, Samoa and representing our family and ourselves.
Before, we were getting this dance all mixed up because we weren’t listening, but now we are getting better.

Our Samoan group is getting ready for the big night to come. But there is one thing we need to do is to pay for our uniform, if we don't pay for it then something might happen. Never mind I am sure everyone is going to pay. Anyway, everything else is done. I am so excited for this special night to come along because I like doing the siva Samoa(Samoan dance). THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!!!


  1. Hi Jordenne,
    I really love your picture about FiaFia and even your story yes your so right the Samoan group is excited I have been looking all over your blog and your an art girl please keep up the good work and make some more lovely story's and don't give up.!!!!!!

    Love from your Friend Mua in Room 17

  2. Hi Jordenne,
    I really love your picture and you story it is really good and you are totalling good at art.

  3. hello bub. sounds exciting and looking forward to seeing some pictures and reading more about the fiafia night. Siva faalelei ua iloa. Dance like a true samoan teine - gracefully. We'll be thinking of you on this special night and wishing you all the best. Love mum and dad x