Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Blog Profile

Talofa lava, Kia ora, my name is Jordenne Eteuati and this is my blog. I am a full Samoan girl. Being a Samoan is awesome, the island is beautiful and especially hot. On the 23rd of September 2002 is my date of birth, so right now I am at the age of 12.  I am in a family of 8, my 2 parents Teuila and Vaiao, 5 siblings and me. In my family I am the 2nd eldest. Christian, that is the name of my eldest brother, and the others, Ryan, Jaedenne, Adrienne and Sebastian are all after me.

Playing sports, listening to music and especially dancing are one of my best hobbies. The sports I really enjoy playing are rugby, league, volleyball and netball. My favourite dancer is Parris Goebel, from the Royal Family. I am so inspired by her and I admire her also. One day I would really want to be in the Royal Family and be like Parris Goebel. Food is what I really love! I actually don’t have a favourite food, but if I had to it would’ve been butter chicken. Its really tasty.

In school my favourite subject is Maths. Sometimes maths is hard and sometimes its easy. It only easy if you have some strategy to use. This year on my last year in intermediate, my goal is to work really really hard and participate in all the sports, so that I could get into a very good school for college.

Thank You for visiting my blog and I really hope you enjoy!


  1. Hey Jordenne!

    I really enjoyed reading you're blog post! Now I know more about you. My favourite subject at school is Maths 2! Keep up the "FAB" work!

    Love always... HannahT

  2. Hey Jordenne ;)
    I really enjoyed reading your blog profile post. Finally now I know more about you. Did you know that my favourite subject in school is Maths too? Well if you didn't it, now you know! Well keep up the awesome work Jordenne :D

    From your bestie ;)

  3. Excellent start to the year! Its good that you've set your goals - now Aim for them - and Aim HIGH! We are with you and are always behind you - praying for you & CP that you will both do well. Always give glory to God for your opportunities and for his guidance in all that you do. Love you lots babe - and Good luck for this year!!! Mum & Dad xxx