Thursday, May 21, 2015

Future Aspiration

On Tuesday the year 7s and 8s had the opportunity of having 2 visitors. Marcus Winter and Louis Gordon-Latty. Marcus Winter aka Sandman first began as a street artist. Then he slowly starts building his way through bigger places for him to tell stories through making images with sand. How? Because he starts thinking positive instead of negative. Marcus Winter told us if we have a dream, first vision yourself doing it and maybe when you grow your dream might come true.

Marcus had struggle a lot in school. He showed us his report from when he was younger than us. On the report it said that he is very good, but he spends a lot of painstaking time on writing. Marcus told us many jobs where he got bounced (rejected) from. But he said even though he got rejected from a lot of jobs, he just kept trying again. Yes, he did not get accepted into all the jobs he applied for but one. He became a sand artist. His job is telling stories, drawing images on sand. That’s why he is called Sandman. Now Marcus Winter works on big cruise ships that travels around the world.

Later on it was time for Louis Gordon-Latty. Louis is a basketball player and he started when he was very young. But playing basketball is not the only thing he does. Louis created an ipad app that is produced for sports. It records you while you are playing. Why did he create this app? Have you ever played a sport and you had a good moment? Maybe like you got a try or a goal? Well Louis created this app because he wanted to experience the good moments that happened all over again. So now about 3 - 4 people work for him.

Having the opportunity for them to come was great! I have learnt a lot from both. My favourite quote that Marcus Winter said was “Do more of what makes you awesome”. The meaning of this quote is that, if you're good at, maybe writing. DO MORE OF IT!! Because if that what makes you awesome, then do more and more of it, and also think positive not negative. So kids around the world, if you have dream job for when you grow up. Visual yourself doing your dream job, and maybe, maybe,  it might come true.

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