Friday, November 4, 2011


“Yum”!! As I saw the chocolate ice cream my stomach was impatient. Room 13 made yummy comet outside, and it was made out of smashed biscuits some hundreds and thousands and ice cream.

We walked outside in our group lines. My team tried to sit up but it was Outer Space first. So we tried again and it was Supernova this time. This was our final try, so we sat up and were good. “Yes”!! I heard Miss King said my name. I went up to Lesieli and she scooped some sprinkles into my hands.

My hands were so freezing as Miss King poured the ice cream onto my hands. I tried to roll it like a ball but it was all messed up. “Yuk”!! It felt like mud. Whaea Janeille gave me a cone as the comet was dripping through my fingers. A large mess fell all over the ground.

“Delicious”!! I said.
The comet tasted really nice. I loved the smashed cookies and the sprinkles but mostly the ice cream.

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