Friday, December 9, 2011

Outta This World

Since Saturn has storms I will get a lot of houses that has metals all around it to keep me safe from the storms. If it is 2450 years later and you are still flying to Saturn and getting ready to land, what will you bring to Saturn sins there’s huge storms there?

Solution number 1
Inside my head I am thinking that if I go Saturn would be not a good idea. Because it sometimes cold. So I am thinking that I should get a rope that is 1000k long that can reach the sun, so to pull Saturn close to the sun.

Solution number 2
When I go to Saturn and it is sometimes cold. I will bring those protective houses that is always warm like a heater. But hotter then a heater. It is not hotter then the sun.

Solution number 3
When I go to Saturn, I will bring heaps and heaps of warm heaters to keep me warm.

How the best solution solves the initial problem and make life on the new planet possible.
My best solution was when I pulled Saturn closer to the sun to make it warm. When Saturn is very cold. I will go to Earth and get 1000k rope long. I will go on my spaceship carry the rope and tie it around Saturn, and I will go a little bit close to the sun and pull Saturn closer to the sun.

Conclusion: It would be nice to live in Saturn. But if there’s any problems, maybe you will have some other ideas to fix them. You better watch out!

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