Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Netbook Reflection

Having a Netbook has changed my life. Because pencils, rubbers and books are so boring. But when you have a Netbook you will have your own blog and people all around the world can read your stories. Most of the time my mum comments on my blog and reads them. So when you have a Netbook you could go on anything and do fun things on it. That is why having a Net-book is awesome!!

My Netbook is sometimes annoying. Because when I go on my sites the Internet is slow. On my Google Docs is always trying to reach google , it makes me feel angry and want to do nothing on it, I want to go back to pen and paper.

If we go back to pen and papers I will get really mad. When I had a Netbook I had so much fun. But as I said that we have to go back, I will have to do the right choice. I would not want to take my Netbook away.

Sometimes my Net-book distracts me. Which makes me go on Internet games. That means I have not been thinking smart.

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