Monday, February 27, 2012

Keep ya Head Up

This is a movie that the year 5 extension girls made. Hope you enjoy!  


  1. Hi Jordenne,

    Thank you for posting your MTV of "Keep ya head up". I thought you did a great job lip syncing and acting. I am also very impressed that together with your friends you created and produced this video all on your own. That's impressive!
    Keep up the great work Jordenne and I look forward to more of your movies on our school news.

    Love Aunty Ria

  2. Hello bub
    What a cool MTV - and you girls did a great job! You look like you had fun making your MTV. The lip synching was excellent and you really looked like you were actually singing the song. As the song says - always "Keep ya head up" - be confident and believe in yourself. Malo lava le taumafai. Love you. Mummy x

  3. Lovely working,

    I absoulutley love it!

    Keep it up!

  4. Hey Jordenne,
    Wow we did make a great MTV and I really enjoyed watching it on your Blog.I loved how you and Thea flipped your hairs that was amazing. That was a great movie we made and I also liked how you lip synced. Our MTV was so funny. I cant wait to make more MTV's on the news or on our blogs Keep it up Jordenne.

    Best Friend