Thursday, March 1, 2012

Me, Myself and Things about Me

Hi my name Jordenne and these 4 symbols that I made in Comic Life and HyperStudio represents myself.

 The first symbol represents about me going to Church.

My second one represents my culture, Samoa. Samoa is a very hot Island to go to especially when you come from a cold place.

The third one is my favourite sports sotball. Softball isn't just my favourite sports, I like all sorts of sports. But Softball is the sport that I have tried out this year and it is fun.

My last symbol is my favourite to do. Music is my favourite, because my mum use to play piano but now I play it.

There, those are all my 4 symbols that represent myself


  1. Hey Jordenne,

    That story about yourself was really good. You really like the Samoa? Well me to. Do you like very hot places like Samoa.
    Any ways keep up the really wonderful work.

  2. Hi Jo,

    My FAVORITE thing out of all your symbols is about "Samoa" I just want to go back to Samoa. Fai Fa'alelei Lou PIANO! Ua e ILOA!

  3. What awesome symbols jojo and you are right they really represent who you are. In everything you do remember your God, your family, your friends and where you come from. We are very proud of you jojo. Keep up the good work. Love you sweetheart. Alofa atu mummy, daddy, cp, ite, tala,mua, galo and muti xxx

    1. Amazing Jordenne.


      What amazing symbools you've got there!
      I love your writing it shows your trust and your what your good at!! Hope to see much more!!