Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ben Carson

On the 6 of March 2012, Pt England’s senior school went to see Ben Carson and learn about him. It was at the Telstra Clear Pacific Event Centre at Manukau.

He told us that when he was at school he was naughty, got into fights and was not good at reading. So when he grew up he started to work hard and taught himself to read. He became a very famous brain surgeon because he studied hard.

Ben Carson  turned his life around and was the first one to separate con-joined twins, joined at the head. Dr Ben Carson is the world’s greatest brain doctor.


  1. Hello Jojo
    You were very lucky to see and listen to Dr Ben Carson. He is a very inspirational man and very similar to all of you kids - getting up to mischief and being naughty. But he decided what what he wanted to be when he grew up and he worked hard to get that. Like Doctor Carson said - Reading is VERY important - so keep up your reading ua iloa bub. Aim high. Luv u. Mummy

  2. Hello Jordenne

    What a good story you wrote. I like the story because it is about Ben Carson. I like Ben Carson do you ? Keep up your work.

  3. Hello Jordenne

    That was a good story of Ben Carson,I loved the part you said he is a good brain surgeon.I liked it because it has good interesting words and makes sense.Keep up the good work.