Friday, April 27, 2012

Melted Crayons

Art Alive, what a great topic! Learning about art is going to be fun! I think Art Alive is when you

draw something it comes alive. But that’s just scientist stuff. 
In my class, Miss King brought out  an artwork that she created. It was pretty. Then she told us that we would be doing.

Our first experiment put the coulors in order and glue them on the cardboard with the hot glue. As I was gluing suddenly ouch! My finger was burnt with the glue. Puawai was our photographer, she was using an ipad. As she walked over to Marama, she found her busy stencilling the word create onto the canvas.
Covering the word “Create” with a paper and some tape, we went to get the crayons and stuck
them to the top of the canvas. It was time for the hair dryer, luckily it was still my turn. Since
Nikita hadn’t done anything she swapped with Puawai taking the photos.

Melting the crayons, the hairdryer was getting very hot. A minute later the crayons suddenly
dribbled down the canvas. Wow! The artwork looks very colorful, and it surprisingly hardened
very quickly.

Mission accomplished. Nikita grabbed our artwork and took a photo of us with it.

Creating art with melted crayons, painting and even taking photos videos with the ipad feels
great. I might do this at home.


  1. wow! what a cool activity....and the mix of colours are really nice! Great team work you guys....
    Nice picture of the team too.
    Good work.

    Luv mummy x

  2. Hello Jordenne,
    great work. I like the coluful colours you and your friends have done. keep up the good work.

    Love from Aldora.