Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mrs Tele'a Haiku

Rock our World is a global project that has over 30 schools from around the world participating. Rock Our World has a focus on poetry, and there's another one called the Huiku.

Haiku is a website about poem with 5 and 7 syllables. This club and website was made in 2008.
So this is a Haiku about Mrs Tele'a.

Mrs Tele’a.

Mrs Tele’a
Hairy toes and pointy nose
Pretty silky hair


  1. I didnt know that Mrs Telea had hairy must run in their family cause your dad has hairy toes too! Its good to see that you are getting into poems and writing your own. Keep up the good work bub. luv u. Mummy

  2. Hey Jordenne,

    Wow! That is a great Haiku about our e-learning teacher Mrs Tele'a. Your Haiku is to funny I could not stop laughing. I can't wait to see or hear more from you. Keep up the great work Friend.

    Your Best Friend,


  3. Wow Jordenne

    Nice story, I liked the way how you made the pointy nose, and all the funny stuff on Mrs Tale'a. Keep up the good work.