Tuesday, September 23, 2014


On Saturday it was the last day to vote, between 9am - 7pm. My grandparents went to the elections while I stayed home. I wanted to go so I could see people vote, but I couldn't. So I just waited for them. In the elections there are 15 parties. But the two main parties are National and Labour. The leader of National is our PM (prime minister) John Key, and the leader of the Labour Party is David Cunliffe.

My grandparents told me who they were going to vote for, I can't say but the elections are finished so I can say. They voted for Sam Lotuiiga in National but voted for Labour Party. But what you didn't know or might already knew that you could not say who you are voting for between the hours. Well Israel Dagg from the All Blacks, and Jonah Lomu a retired All Black player are going to get over 20,000 dollar fine. They both posted who they voted for on social media. I bet your wondering why they are getting fined? Thats because people might copy them and vote for who they are voting for, and not voting for a party can help you with life.

In National, their plan for us New Zealanders is to give children more education, but mostly to the disabled kids. Also their are going to bring free doctors to check on children under 13. National are thinking of still paying parents even though they don't go to work within 18 weeks. If National win they would get the constructors and build new houses, and John Key will still be the Prime Minister.

But Labour on the other hand are thinking of letting the power company pay the bills for you. Instead of parents leaving for 18 weeks and still get paid, Labour thought that 26 weeks and they still get paid will be alright. Also if Labour won (they didn't) David Cunliffe would of been the Prime Minister of NZ.

When this whole Election started I was voting for Labour. I though Labour would win and make a huge difference , but they obviously did not. They could try nex time, in three years time. 2017!

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