Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My 12th Birthday

Yesterday on the 23rd of September was my 12th birthday. It was great! I had my friends saying happy birthday and my family. In the morning of that day, my nana woke me up real early and took me to Mcdonald to have breakfast. My brother didn’t come because he and he had to get ready for his rugby tournament, my grandpa was too tired and my auntie was working on her assignment. So it was only my nana and I who went.

When we got their we just had the breakfast meal. I had the pancakes and my nana just had hash browns. After we ate we went back home at about 7:00am. I quickly got change and went to school. My friends saw me and they all shouted “Happy Birthday!” I was so happy. But when my other friends saw me which was, Mele, Hope and Asena. They shouted so loud that people heard, and then they ran around school shouting out “Its Jordennes Birthday!!”

As soon as they saw my teacher they ran up to her and told her everything. I ran away and the bell rang. When I got to class everyone was looking at me suspiciously. I sat down and Mrs Lagitupu started talking. Then after a while she asked for Mele and Annliz, that I had no idea what was happening. Suddenly my class started singing happy birthday to me. I was so shocked because Mele and Hope set this up. That was so surprising and I was really really happy!

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