Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly

At Pt England School, there is an Immersion Assembly held at every start of the term. Do you know why? So that everyone in our school knows what the topic is for the term. For term 3 our topic is “Art Attack”. In Immersion Assembly every team (team 1 - team 5 teachers) have an item to perform. I know how our whole school’s topic is ‘Art Attack’, but every team has different learning areas.

The first team to perform their items were the Team 1 teachers, Ms George, Mrs Lau, Ms Belt, Mrs Tuala, Mrs Moala. Their learning for this term is going to be about the environment. They will be going to the river to look at some places to inspire their art and while they are getting inspired they will have a picnic. So this term team 1  will be drawing/sketching/painting a lot of enviromental type pictures.

Next to perform were the team 2 teachers, Ms She, Ms Glaze and Ms Dwyer. They didn’t do an item, they had played a video. The video was about the primary colours, which was blue, yellow and red. Blue and yellow makes green. Red and blue makes purple. Lucky last red and yellow makes orange. So team 2 will be learning about the primary colours.

Later on was the team 3 teachers, Mrs Barks, Ms King, Ms Nalder, Ms Trimble, and Ms Walters. On the stage the three teachers after Mrs Barks were the artists. The first artist to be introduced by Mrs Barks was Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci was very good at building, loved music, was awesome at maths, and was obviously a professional at painting. His best painting was called the Mona Lisa, painted in 1517.

The next artist to be introduced was Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol painted 100 soup cans, 100 tomato sauce cans and also 100 coke cans. His paintings looked so realistic. After Andy Warhol was the artist Jackson Pollock. Jackson Pollock paints a lot of paintings, and abstract paintings. His paintings are not those brush strokes one, he splatters on his canvas, and people love it. Jacksons Pollocks best painting is called No. 5, it was made in 1948. That is a long time ago. The last artist was an artist who I forgot what his name was. But the painting that he showed was a face on a foot. Whatever he dreams about, he paints it. This term team 3 will be learning about artists.

After team 3’s item it was team 4. This term is the same as team 3, they will be learning about artists. Their item for us to choose the best paintings that the artists were holding up. The first painting to be showed was Fatu Feu’u. He is a Samoan artist who painted a lot of Samoan siapo, and he had shown us one of his siapo paintings. Next was Vincent Van Gogh. Well everyone knew who he was. Vincent Van Gogh is an artist who had cut his ear off for his girlfriend. On the stage he had shown us his best painting, ‘The Starry Night’. There was more after that. There was a French artist who drew a picture of a pink river with a bridge. Pablo Picasso was next, his paintings were of 2 people. There were more artists but the winner for that contest was a Maori artist who designed the Westpac cards.

Moving on to the last team, team 5, all the teachers went on the stage with black and white paint. They showed a video of someone painting a person, while they were painting three of our teachers upside down. At the end, they finished and turned the pictures around. It was Mr Jacobsen, Mrs Jarman and Mr Burt. All their pictures looked so cool!
Term 4 is going to be so exciting!

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