Friday, October 31, 2014

Auckland Museum Trip

For the year 7 trip while the year 8 were gone for camp, we went to the Auckland Museum. We went there to look at some Maori arts and Pacific art. While we were there we had split up into groups. There were a small amount of teachers, since the others were gone to camp. So thats why we had some parent helpers. For our museum trip there were nine groups. You are either with a parent helper or a teacher. I was with Shannon (parent helper) and our groups were only girls.

In the bus nearly all of the girls were at the back. That's when we decided to play Chinese whispers. It was really fun and mostly funny. We played the game through the whole bus ride to the Musuem. Some people were quite annoyed because we were laughing too much, especially laughing too loud. As we got there we hopped off the bus and all went inside.

Firstly, we went upstairs to have a morning tea just before we put our bags away. When we had finished, our teachers gave our parent helper an activity sheet as well a pencil to give us to work on. We headed back downstairs to put our bags in a crate and also to start our adventure.

Our group had walked to the Maori art section, and on our activity sheet it said to draw harakeke. Also anything that you choose. First I drew a harakeke and secondly my choice, which was a 'Para'. 
Then we walked to the Pacific. As we walked inside there were a lot of traditional things. Obviously I went to the Samoan part of the room. I drew one of the most valuable things in Samoa, and that was a 'Fue' (fly whisk). They use the 'Fue' on special occasions.

When we had finished our activity sheet, we went to the volcano and had a little fun. We went inside the volcano house to experience what it feels like to be in a volcano eruption. After a while everyone went back downstairs and again our teacher handed a list of things to take a picture of to our parent helper. We all went outside and started snapping. Everyone was having lots and lots of fun! So when we had finished the bus came and took us back to school.

   For my choice in Maori, I choose a 'Para'. If you don't know what 'Para' is it is not the bags. It is all the way on the side, it looks just like a coat. 

Now this is an interesting one. It is from Papua New Guinea, the one in the middle is called a charm bag. I was asking myself if it is a charm bag or is it just the name?

Again in Samoa this is called a fala. We use this for special occasions. Mostly we provide it to someone or they give it to us. It is one of the most valuable things in Samoa.

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