Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Athletics is a sports days that is held in Pt England, every year, just like cross country. For our athletics we had more than 5 events. There were 6 individual events and 4 teams events. Athletics was fun, I had come a place in 4 events. It was softball throw that I came 2nd in, shot put 2nd, high jump 1st and discus 1st. I was really proud because usually I always come a place in one event, which is high jump.

Softball throw was our first event. We (my friends and I) waited at the back of the line, to see how far other girls threw. Nearly all of the girls were pretty good. In 1st place was Allana, then Iron. No one could throw further than them, but when Ata threw she came in 1st place. After Ata was me and I came 2nd place. So Ata was 1st and I was 2nd.

We moved on to other events there were team events, Te Arawa, Mataatua, Tainui and Takitimu. The team events we did were relay, skipping and ladder and hurdles. It was really fun and enjoyable. The next individual event was shot put. We had splitted up into two groups. One group goes to Mrs Lagitupu and the others goes with Tanielu and Caleb. I was in Mrs Lagitupus group. Whoever threw really far moves on into Tanielu and Calebs group because thats where the placings were. I tried really hard to throw far but I couldn’t. But my third try I went real far. So I went into the next group.

When I went there Caleb told me it was my turn. I got the shot put and threw it. Tanielu went and looked and he said 3rd place. I went and sat next to the 1st and 2nd place, which was Ata 1st Iron 2nd. There were lots of people who tried real hard to get a place. When Puawai threw she had beaten me. So later on Caleb called out the people who had the chance to be in the placings. I put my hand up and we got into a line. Again I was last, none of the girls could beat Iron and Ata. But I did, I had come 2nd again and Ata came 1st also again. And the other events that I came a place in was High jump 1st and Discus 1st.

We did not finish all our events because we had started our athletics late. The grass was too wet and we would have slipped. So we did it this week on Tuesday 18th. We only did Discus because we needed to just do the events that is in the inter-zones.

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