Monday, December 1, 2014

Tattoo design

In term 4 for extension, we have been learning about symbolism. All our blogposts that we have made from extension are nearly all about symbols. We have started from what symbols are, to symbols in the 'Tatau'. Our extension group have researched a lot about the Tatau. So we had Mr Tele'a coming in and telling us more about it, so we could have more understanding to it.
This movie that you are about to watch, will show you patterns and designs that represents me. I hope you enjoy!

My Conclusion for movie:
I have learnt that not only people put art on their body to show off. But they have a meaning on why they have it. It might be a name of their family member who is very special, or might have passed away. So they permanently put it on their body to remind them of someone or something. Art can mean a lot of things. I am so happy that I have finished this movie because, this is probably my last movie for extension 2014.

1 comment:

  1. Malo lava Jordenne. This has cleverly been woven together. I love the way you incorporated the fern along with the teuila and traditional Samoa patterns. You ensured that every single part of your design symbolised what you hold precious in your life and family. Malo lava le faasoa Jordenne. I'm looking forward to what year 8 holds for you.