Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Video Conference with Hawaiian Schools

This morning was a great start for the day, because we had the opportunity to video chat with 2 schools from Hawaii plus Marybeth Baldwin the organiser also from Hawaii. The Kea'au elementary school and Nanakuli school. The Kea'au elementary school is only from kindergarten through 5th grade, and the Nanakuli is from kindergarten through to 6th grade. 

The waka from Hawaii called Hokulea will be coming to the Point England reserve on the 24th of March. The schools from the Manaiakalani cluster (2, 500 students) will be welcoming them in. That0 is the whole point of why we did this video chat. So we can learn more about Hawaii, and this is a big thanks to Marybeth Baldwin who organised this video conference.

In the beginning we had to introduce our schools. Us, year 7&8 extension group made a little presentation, as well as the Kea'au elementary school. But the Nanakuli school made a video. In the Kea'au elementary school there are 870 students. There school starts from 8:00am through to 2:10pm. But only on Wednesdays they are in school from 8:00am - 1:20pm. One of their native animals are the Nene, and that is the Kea'au elementary schools mascot.

For the Nanakuli elementary school. We video conferenced with a teacher named Kumu Kai Mana and his students. He teaches in the 2nd grade. In the video that he made it showed us nearly all of the classes around the schools. The movie explained everything that we had to know. In his class he teaches by speaking in their language, Hawaiian. But he said that sometimes it can be very difficult. 

Later on, we had the chance to show them a video that we made for the visitors that comes to Point England. We showed it to them so they can have a taste of what we do here in our school. We also told them that the junior schools use ipads, and from year 4 and up uses chromebooks. One of the teachers said it was a very inspirational movie, and what we have here in Pt England is what they want as well. 

I want to say a big thank you to the 2 schools, who had the time to conference with us. But especially Marybeth Baldwin who had organised it.

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