Monday, March 2, 2015

Holiday in Lalomanu beach, Samoa.

During the school holidays, I went to Samoa on the 27th of December, 2 days after Christmas. It was only my brother and I going to visit my parents and my 4 siblings. I had an enjoyable time there. There were a lot of reasons why! We went shopping, we stayed home, going to cousins houses for special occasions (like birthdays), and my most memorable and also favourite was, going to the Lalomanu beach! The occasion for that was New Years, and we were there for 2 days and 1 night. We stayed in the Taufua beach fales and it was spectacular!

Did you know that the Lalomanu beach in Samoa was regularly voted top 5 beaches in the Pacific. Its the most beautiful beach that I have ever been to. As my feet touched the ground the clean, shiny sand came between my toes. It felt like I was standing on the softest thing in the world. The sea was blended with the colour blue. It went from real dark blue to a beautiful clear light blue, and the nice thing about it was that the water was serene, but then during the day it changed. I and my family went and it was so much fun. We went with our two cousins and our uncle. They had a joyful time.

When we had reached our destination , all of us kids quickly squeezed the sunscreen,wiped it all over our body and ran straight to the water. The sand was completely hot, and I was ecstatic to jump in to the water because of the boiling hot sun. But it can be cold on some days and nights. While we were swimming we saw some small fishes. My siblings and I were trying to catch it, but it swam too fast. As the day went past, we all got out of the ocean and just dried ourself to go eat.

In Lalomanu beach in the Taufua Beach Fales, there’s a small restaurant that a lot of people were at, especially the tourists. For lunch we ate some tasty  burgers. The juiciness of the patty slid down my chin as I wiped it away. was delicious. I looked at my siblings and cousins and they were all enjoying it. In the 'Taufua restaurant' everyone in it was soaking wet from swimming in the cold water, and the workers did not seem to care. While we were eating, the sun had settled and it was time for us to shower.

Quickly we all ran to the bathroom, had a shower and got changed into our pajamas. My parents booked two Beach fales, for my uncle and his kids plus my elder brother and my family. Excitedly I ran straight to our beach fale and jumped on the bed. Why? Because we won’t be sleeping straight away, we’ll be watching movies on my dads laptop! Our New Years celebration was awesome. Now I am in NZ again, I hope we could go for another one when we go back to Samoa.

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