Thursday, October 22, 2015

The day when my brother went missing

I was overwhelmed with fear when hearing that my little brother was missing around the park. About two to three years ago, on a bright day on Saturday, I remember having a good time at a massive playground for a picnic, far away from home. I was having a lot fun spending time with my family. Laughter were around, and smiles on each and everyone faces.

We were all having a time that we would never forget, until we had realised, that my brother Ryan, was missing. We searched everywhere trying to look for him, but we couldn’t. It was really difficult for us to locate where he was. The park that we were at was huge, and there were a lot of kids running around. So, we were all very concerned. The only thing that was going through my mind was, if he was hurt, and, if we were ever going to find him.

Looking through the bushes, I nearly gave up from the exhaustion I had in me. Instead I didn’t because he was my little brother. So we all kept looking and it took us about 1 hour. My aunty called us to go back to where our things were, while my uncle was still searching. We sat there on the green grass looking around worried. I was eating really slowly because I was focused on trying to find my brother.

Suddenly cutting the silence, shouted my aunty “Yay!”. We all looked around and saw my younger brother on top of my uncle's shoulders. My brother wiped his tears and smiled. “Where was he?” We all asked suspiciously. “He was at the car park looking for us. Checking every inside of car through the windows”. My uncle answered. I was so happy that my brother was back, so I ran up to him and tightly hugged him like I was never going to let go. So, after that tragic. We all went back to being normal and started to play like nothing happened.

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