Thursday, October 15, 2015

Immersion Assembly

‘Survivor’ is the topic for our school this term. As always on the first day back we have an Immersion Assembly in the morning. Mr Burt was dressed as a parrot that has been extinct. There was one word that he said many times while speaking. It was Adaption. Most animals had been extinct because they have not been adapting. Adapting is where you have to change overtime.

For an example, if an animal had moved somewhere else to live. To stay there they have to adapt or to get use to the place. But if I was to refer as for a human to adapt, an example for that would be they will have to be wearing warm clothes if it was a cold day. So they are adapting meaning changing into suitable clothes for a freezing weather.

Team 1 started off the assembly. “For this term we will be learning about zoo keepers” said Miss George excitedly. “We will be attending a session at the zoo”. All the kids cheered and were very happy. For their skit they had people up on the stage to do a karaoke. Marika had won the karaoke competition and was invited to go with team 1 to the trip at the zoo.

Next up was team 2 and 3, they will be learning about dinosaurs. But they will be doing different things. Team 2 will be exploring and researching more about dinosaurs. What they ate? How did they become extinct? And many types of other dinosaurs. (e.g Tyrannosaurus, argentinosaurus). Team 3 though will be creating and designing their own dinosaurs.

Team 4. Last term the teachers made a movie asking the kids where they were. They were in the green screen, but the teachers were pretending to be in the safari and travelling to many habitats around the world. None of the kids knew what was happening or what this terms topic will be, so they showed the result of what the kids answers were, and it was hilarious! This term team 4 will be learning about different kind of animals around the world.

“It’s time for Team 5!” shouted Mr Burt. As everyone cheered the teachers of team 5 walked up on the stage with a plate of noodles each, with chopsticks. Their performance was about ‘Survivor’ the TV Programme. Mr Wiseman was the host, and the other five were contestants. Their challenge was to eat the plate of noodles with the chopsticks.

“Ready, Set, Go” said Mr Wiseman. Each teacher ate as fast as they could. Miss Peato and Miss Misela quickly sat down eating. Miss Clark was eating real fast, she was beating everyone. But Miss Ingrim and Miss Hockly ate like they didn't wanted to win. “Done!” shouted Miss Clark raising her hands up. Mr Wiseman passed the microphone to her and she said. “That was easy! Because as you know I am from Asia.” She turned around facing the chopsticks in her hair to the crowd.

She then gave the mic to Miss Hockly. “Well I actually moved to Japan. And every time I see them eat, they will always eat it with chopsticks. So, I had to adapt and try to learn how to eat with it as well. Because if I didn’t I would’ve starved”. Everyone agreed. So after they were talking to us about how people and animals should adapt they have ended their skit by showing us drawing. The drawings were of some super heroes. There was ‘The FLash’, ‘Superman’, ‘Thor’ and more.

That was the end of our Assembly. I really enjoyed all teams performances and movies, and I cannot wait to learn about ‘Survivor’ for our last term in Pt England!

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