Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am making movie 2

On Sunday night at 6 o'clock we went to school.

On the bus I sat with my friends and talked. I was so bored when we were still on the bus waiting, it took us more then 30 minutes to get to the museum. It was so tiring that I was about to fall asleep. Drawing on foggy bus windows helped us stay awake.

Once we arrived we went inside and joined the line for elevator. We were going to the very top of the museum to show our movie to everyone and hopefully win a prize.
The awards presenters were Charlie from What Now and Robyn Malcolm from Outrageous Fortune.

We first watched the shortlist to see which movies might make the finals. It went on and on until our movie comes up. I was soooooo bored sitting down and watching these movie from other schools. Not all of them were interesting.

Then Charlie from What Now said, “Now it is the shortlist from year 5 up to year 8.” All the movies from other school showed, we waited and waited then there was our movie - Don’t Forget your Roots. As Charlie announced the finalist I was crossing my fingers. First there was a movie from St Marys called Saying Goodbye, it was pretty sad. I crossed my fingers really hard then he called out, “Don’t Forget your Roots from Point England School!” we all shouted! We watched it and it was sooo cool. Next there was another movie called Utu, it was a little bit disgusting
because one boy was shot and blood came out of his mouth.
Charlie then called out the winner. The screen showed the Utu picture, so we all felt quite upset, but luckily Charlie said, “Don’t Forget your Roots”. “Wow!” I was so proud of us because we really worked hard on that movie.
We ran up the red carpet and went on to the stage, then Rocky and Gloria said their speech. When they finished their speech we ran back and sit down.
The awards kept on going and going until Charlie announced the supreme winner. Finally it was time for the supreme award.
Charlie said, “Our History, Our Heritage from Point England School.” Yeah! We were so proud of them.
The awards ceremony was over, we went out side and hopped back on the bus, back to school and home. had entered a movie competition at the museum. I was so excited and nervous because I thought we were going to lose. We all went inside and said the prayer, then Mrs Tele’a called out our names to see who had made it. When Mrs Tele’a finished calling out our names we went on the bus.

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