Monday, June 27, 2011

Jordenne The BFG Frobscottle and Whizzpopper

Deep in a cave filled with all sorts of BFG machines, stood Sophie and the giant. “Do you want some frobscottle?” asked the BFG as he was picking some from the cupboard. “I suppose I will have a little sip,” said Sophie nervously.
Giving Sophie a little sip he said, “Isn’t it beautiful,” with a big smiley face. “Wow!” Sophie said, feeling as if she were flying in a bathtub with silvery wings, “I really think frobscottle is scrumtiously yummy”!


  1. Hi Jordenne

    Awesome and fantastic picture you are an artist. you are the best artist out of the girls I'm not.

    Mary You'r BFF.

  2. Great Detail and great work you have poem you described the story really well. awesome work.