Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Boy Gives Homeless Man a Blessing

Many have been touched by a young boy who had cared for a homeless man starving for food, sitting all alone inside an Alabama Waffle House. This young boy had displayed empathy, what the world should actually be!

The homeless was sitting on the table starving and avoided by many. Five year old Josiah Duncan walked inside the Waffle House with his mother to eat, when he spotted the homeless man. The young boy questioned the mum several times about why the homeless man did not have any food and why he was alone. “Well because he is homeless” his mother answered. “What does that even mean?” “It means he doesn’t have a house”.  After hearing what his mother had explained, Josiah was very upset.

So he asked his mother if she could by the homeless something for him to eat. The man was very pleased and thankful of what they had done, and so he ordered a nice burger with bacon. Seeing that this had happened, many customers as well as staff members were really surprised. Josiah took the food to the homeless man and blessed it by singing over the meal. This is amazingly surprising, hearing that only a 5 year old boy was the only one that assisted to help.

Many people and especially the homeless man began to get teary. Josiah had displayed everyone what kindness is. If adults approach a homeless person situation just how children do, the world would be a better place!

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