Monday, November 30, 2015

Manaikalani Film Festival

The Manaiakalani Film Festival was held at the Hoyts Cinemas on Wednesday 11th of Novemeber.. This was the time of year I was excited about, because I love seeing movies from other schools, because of the talent they have with recording movies. I pushed my way through the line, trying to look for my partner Katalinah. We finally have arrived in the cinemas.

Listening and silence were our first priority during the films. We didn’t get to watch many movies, because we were in the same session with Ruapotoka. So we only had the chance to watch theirs and our movies. This year it was Ruapotoka Schools first time making films for the Manaiakalani. Even though this was their first time, they’re movies were still cool.

All films were fantastic and really enjoyable to watch ! But, my favourite film was “Antboy” by room 9 and 10 from our school Pt England. Have you ever wiped out, killed or had stood on an ant ? Don’t you think maybe they have feelings too ?. Their movie was created based on a trailer for a film that would never be seen. Their camera shots were so good it actually looked like a real trailer for a movie.

It was about ants getting squashed by kids at school. But then one day, as Noah slipped on his shoes, he suddenly shrunk and had turn into an ant. The camera shots were amazing. They made it as if the camera was Noah’s eyes. Since he was an ant, there were antennas hanging from the top of the camera. Wasn’t that such a smart idea ? Well I thought that was very smart.

At the end of the day I enjoyed every movie. But it was sad, because this year was the last Manaiakalani Film Festival for most of year 8s before we head to college.

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