Monday, May 23, 2011

Straw Bridges

Straw Bridges
Today Miss King told us we have to make a bridge out of straws. Miss King told us to pick 5 group each,my group was Thea, Mary, Lesieli, Sela and Jordenn which is me. I got the tape and straw from Miss King. First we planed an ideas so we know how to make the bridge, we had trouble because we were not as team. The last part we worked as a team, but we were a little muddled because some of my team weren't listening. When Miss King told us to pack up in 30 second, wed were not finished because some kids in my team were doing other stuff but not doing the bridge.Then we came and sat down on the mat.

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  1. hi jordenne i ts me raeleen i was readying your story it was amazing