Friday, May 6, 2011

Rube Goldberg Machine

This is our Rube Goldberg Machine that we spent all day making! Here's a quick snap of what we did, stay tuned for an explanation.

My marble run

On Friday morning Miss King told us to make a marble run. The first time when Miss King told us that we a gonna do some marble run she told us that we have to bring some stuff at home. Miss King told us told to choose any friend you want to be in your team for marble run. I chose Sela,Mary Thea and jordenne which is me. When we done our marble run we change what didn’t work, the thing that we changed is that, the first time when we done our marble run we put Thea’s train track on the floor. Then Thea had an idea she explained to us we should put her train track on the medium table. Mary was tapping and me and Thea were doing the domino and Sela was testing the marble. My team was so amazing because we were cooperating together as a team. We tested our marble run and it didn’t work we tested again and it still didn’t work and we kept on testing and testing until it work. Then the part when we tested again and it worked, we were cheering because it really worked. We told Miss King that we done it.Then Miss King recorded and it worked again, and then Miss King told us to put it on our blog.

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  1. I was working in the Mihimihi Room across from your class on Friday, and heard lots crashing and excitement. So I did have a peek in, and saw you rolling marbles down a track. It looked lots of fun. But you are right I am curious about who Rube Goldberg is, looking forward to you explanation.