Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw Tower.

straw tower

Early in the morning room thirteen had to build a straw tower. First we watched a video about kids building straw tower, we watched it so we can get ideas from them. When we finished watching the video from America, Miss King told us to pick six teams to plan how to make a straw tower.Then we come down and sit on the mat to get our materials like straws and tape.My team was Mary, Chyna, Iron,Lesieli,Sela and Jordenne witch is me.Miss King gave us 75 straw to make our straw tower. My team thought it wasn’t a competition, then Miss King told us it was a compitision. I was so frightend when she said it was a competition.
First we made a square at the bottom to build it all the way up top.Then Mary had an idea, she said someone should help her because she is doing the top one and I do the bottom. Then Sela wanted to help Mary to build the top one, and Iron wanted to help me and Mary because she cuts the tape for all of us. Chyna and Lesieli wanted to help.We tried to make it big and it was so crazy. Mary’s one was straight and our one was a little bit bad but at least we worked as a team. Our one tried to balance but it nearlly fell. When miss king told us to take it on the blue table me and Mary tried to hold it but it kept on falling down on the ground. Me and Mary put it on the blue table and sat down on the mat.The boy’s one was the tallest one,our one was bad and crazy. Miss King told us the winner, she told us it was the boy’s which is Jabez,Uili,Levi,Shalom,Robert and Rocky.

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  1. Sounds like you did a great job though and had lots of fun. Good for you!