Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Term 1 Reflection

In term 1 it has been a tough term for me. We have learnt a lot, and I mean a lot. I think that I have improved a lot in Maths. Because I have learnt a whole heap of strategies to answer the easy/hard questions that are given from my teacher. Maths has always energizes and wakes up my mind.

I still need to work on writing. In writing for an example when you are writing a story, you need to retell it with detail and very good words. Because when I write I’m writing with details, its just that I put the words in the wrong place. I still need to write like a proper year 7 does. So all I need to do to read books, not picture books more like chapter books.

This term I am most proud of playing sports. I’ve only played one sport this term and it was softball. Now next term there going to be a lot of sports. I love playing sports, it helps me get fit and living a healthy life. My favourite sport is Rugby, touch and volley. I love playing it with my friends and my family.

My 3 goals to do next term on term 2 is…..1) To listen to the teacher to know all the instructions. I really need to make that as my goal because when my teacher Mrs Lagitupu talks I start talking to my friends. 2) Finishing all my tasks such as Math Whizz, Xtramath, Studyladder and my group questions. Because I don’t go on it often when I have to. 3 and last) To not muck around during class time. Now that covers everything and I really need to set that one as my goal. I always talk to my friends not using my time wisely.

Highlight for this term. My highlight was FiaFia. FiaFia was really really extremely fun. I thought that our school performed really well. And we made our families, community very proud!.

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