Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Today is the first day of Term 2. We had an Immersion Assembly before we started learning, we do this every first day of the term. Do you know why? So everyone in the school can know what the theme is for the term. But every team learns different subjects. The first team to perform was Team 1. This year they are going to be learning about how zookeepers work. The questions are for there team is: How do they (zoo keepers) keep the animals safe from us people, and how do they keep us people safe from animals. Hhhhmmm?? I think we are going to leave that for team 1 because they are going to learn more at the zoo tomorrow!

Next up was Team 2. Their teachers have decided that they are going to be learning about flight, airplanes, thrust, drag and gravity. How does an plane/air balloon fly? What is gravity? What does gravity do?  Soon those questions are going to be answered by team 2. Afterwards it was time for team 3. They are going to be learning about light/colour. How it reflects to other colours. That is going to be very interesting and really confusing. But team 3 will get it at the end.

The next item was team 4. Team 4 is going to be learning about what floats on water and what sinks. I have learnt a new word that was on the video that we watched. The word is “Buoyancy”. It is something to float on water or other fluids.

And last item was Team 5, which is us. We are going to be learning about “Sounds”. How does sound travel? How can we hear it? What is sound? What is science behind sound? Do you know? Because I don’t, but I’m sure that we team 5 is going to know all the answers to those questions. And thats it! So basically this term we are going to be learning about Science.

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  1. Great recount Jordenne. I like the way that you have added some specific details about what each team are learning about. Well done!