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Types & Impact:
There are many types of music in the world, like Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap, 70’s and 80’s and many many more. Music can sometimes help you think, relax and even make you sleep. I know music is fun and groovy, but sometimes it can also be very dangerous. Because very loud music can affect your eardrums. If your eardrums are damaged you’ll permanently lose your hearing. So make sure that your music is not too loud before your eardrums break.

Have you heard of a word called hippocampus? A hippocampus is the part of your brain that brings lots and lots of memories from the past. There are many more different types of music than in the past. There is Hip Hop, Rap and R&B. When adults listen to old songs from the past like 80’s and 70’s, Jazz, Blues and Classical the hippocampus will help bring some of  your memories back.

Singers and Instruments:
We have lots and lots of singers in the world and from different countries. There is Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Jason Derulo and lots more. Their songs is what we listen to in my age. Lots of people like to play instruments. Such as guitar, piano, drums, bass and heaps more. The guitar, when the string vibrates it makes sound waves. They are all enjoyable.

Some songs can get you into mixed emotions. Like sad songs, it can make you cry and feel really emotional. Slow songs can make you fall asleep right on the spot. Your eyes will slowly close by the slow tune of the song. Hip Hop songs will obviously make you dance, and you’ll have lots of fun.


The sound waves vibrates into the air then it goes into your inner ear, which goes to your eardrums that has tiny little part of hair. A cochlear nerve takes the sound waves from the inner ear to the brain. For an example: When someone is playing music on a speaker and you hear it. The sound wave vibrates into your inner ear and thats when the cochlear nerve carries the sound waves to your brain.

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