Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How does musical instrument creat sound?

1. Intro:
Guitars are one of the most enjoyable instruments in the world. A lot of people play guitars more than the other instruments. Do you want to know how a guitar works, well this story is about a guitar!

2. Parts of a guitar:

On a guitar there are six strings. It goes from low to high. On the guitar there is a headstock, tuners, nut, neck, sound hole, body and bridge. All those parts are very helpful. The headstock is on the top where the tuners and nut are. On a guitar there is a neck, the neck is the long part where you play the chords. The sound hole, is when you strum a guitar it goes into the hole and rebounds back. Lucky last is the bridge, the bridge is on the body, it holds the strings on the guitar.

3. How is sound created from a guitar?
The guitars sound is created by the soundhole. When a string from a guitar is played, the sound waves vibrate through the air and it goes into your ear. When someone plays a guitar, it goes inside the soundhole.

4. How to play a guitar:
You play a guitar by putting your fingers on the chords on the neck. Then when you strum a guitar it will sound good. Once you get the chords all you need to do is to get the beats right and you’ll know!

5. Conclusion:
Guitars are fun and easy to play. It will sound good if you learn how to play a song.

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