Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where's the sound (summarise)

When we are in earth and you hear a space ship blow up, you hear a lot of noise. But if you are in space and you hear a space ship blow up you'll hear completely nothing.

A sound is a type of energy. An object can move by the sound waves when it vibrates.

When you put a rubber ban on two fingers (index and middle). You flick one side and it will vibrate. That is how the sound waves vibrate through the air.

Sound waves can travel through anything. Liquids, gasses and under water. Sound waves can even travel through a brick wall.

Space and vacuum are the same. Basically space is like a vacuum, they both have no matter. So when a ship blows up in space you shouldn't hear anything because there is no matter.

Here is what we have summarised: Where is Sound

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