Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cross Country

Focusing on the path, my legs were shaking. "Go!". Filled with great strength, I quickly ran as fast as I could. When I looked up, I saw that I was coming 4th WOW!!!

Running towards the bridge I nearly STOPPED and FELL!!! But luckily I didn't. This is what I've been waiting for. Finishing running past the bridge, I quickly tried to run past Asena. But she was too fast.

Going through the Forest actually(Bushes), I saw heaps of people there. "So that where they were"??
 I was proud of me coming 4th, but I needed to be careful because Doris is coming and she'd going to make me come 5th. "Nooooo" Well to bad, I tried my best now I'm coming 5th.

Seeing Miss V(not the sports one) close to the bridge, she made me feel like I'm nearly there.
Well that what she said. "Half way" Miss V called out. Running towards another bridge(smaller bridge), I heard Mr Burt.

I can see them. I was puffed OUT so HARD!!! I saw a teacher again. "Turn around" she said.
"Ohhh" Jogging towards the end, mud was all over me. I heard Mr Jacobsen, "And the 1st 10 year old is 

At the end I felt nice and relaxed. I came 5th.


  1. Hard luck Jordenne. I really enjoyed reading your writing. There are a few mistakes in there but you could fix it up in your own time. For Cross Country I came 3rd for the 12 year old girls. I was determine and I persevered to the end. Sounds like you did too. I can't wait to read more interesting post. Keep up the great work!!!


  2. You did great Jo! So proud of how you kept trying - and thats what its all about - that you keep going and keep trying! 5th place is good and then next year you want to work on coming a place better - maybe 4th place or 1st! its all about fitness and eating healthy. I love the photo of you. we're all proud of you bub.

    Mum & Dad xxxx