Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jordenne and Sela's Usain Bolt

 After  years of training, Usain Bolt has been waiting for this moment.
“Take your marks” The crowd was roaring as Usain Bolt poised for the gun. Can he win?

GO! With great strength Usain Bolt was like a swift wind. Speeding down the track lightning Bolt powerfully finished. He is a legendary.

Representing Jamaica, Usain Bolt blitzed the race. Filled with joy and celebration, the world’s greatest sprinter deserved to win. He is a true champion.What is his Future? Will return.


  1. Awesome commentary of Usain Bolts race! I think you would be a good TV presenter of sport! The changes in your voice to express the excitement was great! Great work Jojo and Sela.