Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Extension Let's Cook with Parmco(Chef Jordenne)

In Extension, we entered another competition. But now it is not movie, it's cooking.
This competition is called "Let's cook with Parmco". Here I'm cooking fruit salad.
It is just drawing. Isn't it great to enter a competition that we don't do movies, but cooking.

I hope we win this because the prize are like 2 ipads and something else.
Fingers Crossed!!!! 


  1. Hi Jordenne,
    I really hope you win. This picture is really good and is definitely worth entering the competition. I really like this picture. The best of luck Jordenne!!!


  2. Hi Jordenne,
    YES I reckon we are going to WIN!!! Well the picture looks fantastick because it like you never drew the flour on it, but WELL DONE! It looks like an art that has came alive. Do you really like to cook???

  3. ia - maybe soon you can actually do some real cooking!:-) Good Luck with the competition - and if you win maybe you can send your prize for mummy aea! ha ha....
    Great work bub.
    Mummy xx