Monday, August 27, 2012

Pretending to be Liu Xiang

"Woooh, I've got to win this" I said as I was getting ready for the race. In 2008 I lost because I crashed into a hurdle. So I'm going to try to not lose for my country China you know why, because I AM THE WORLD RECORD HOLDER SO NO ONE CAN BEAT ME!! My goal is to win at the London Olympics.

"Oooouuuuucccchh"! I cried. "What have I done, what am I doing? I've let my country down, my village down, especially my Family down!!". I whispered to myself after crashing into the first hurdle. "OUCH! my Achilles tendon, it is so sore"!!.

"Man, I feel so disappointed and embarrassed. I should get out of here, my country is going to kill me". As I hopped out the stadium, I heard people laughing at me. "Excuse me, you can't go that way". Hopping out, I went to the hurdle and kissed it. " Now it's my time to retire". Two men from Spain and Great Britain came and helped me.

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  1. Poor Liu Xiang. she must be feeling so bad - but she should be proud that she even made it to the Olympics! As long as you do your best - noone will be disappointed. Great story Jojo - and you really had me feeling sad for Liu Xiang :-(
    Mum x