Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Snowy Day In Christchurch

Blanketing the city, the light snowflakes drifted downwards. Pristine white snow, made the city nice and clean. People were freezing cold. Sprinkling from the sky, the snowflakes settled on the treetop.

School was over for the day. There were broken trees,power cut,severe storm and closed roads.
No one could go anywhere. Police told the people to exercise caution, which means - take care.   


  1. Woah Jordenne, your writing sounds like the start of a poem a famous poet could have written!
    Well done it's awesome :)
    So many people were telling Christchurch to "exercise caution" .... Even the people on the radio!
    It did get a bit annoying by Friday!

  2. You've got some really hard words there in your poem bub! Pristine is a nice word - and reminds me of early on a cold morning there in NZ! Hope you're keeping warm bub. Look after yourself, mama and papa ua iloa. luv u. mummy x